Present Position

Full Professor of Jewish studies: early modern and modern Jewish history, in particular of Amsterdam

Hebrew and Jewish Studies Department, Faculty of Humanities, University of Amsterdam

Position Profile

Teaching and research in the field of early modern and modern Jewish history

Areas of Research

Western European Jewish History
Postwar Dutch History
Memory Studies
Jewish Historiography
Western Yiddish

Present Research

Postwar history of Dutch Jewry
Eighteenth and nineteenth century lukhot as historical sources
History of the Dutch rabbinate; derashot as historical sources
Minhag Amsterdam: Digital Approaches to Dutch Jewish Prayerbooks

Other Positions

Lecturer Jewish History, Levisson Institute for rabbinic training Amsterdam (2007-)
Lecturer Jewish History, Jewish Educational Center Crescas (2007-)

Editor of European Journal of Jewish Studies (2022- )
Editor of Studia Rosenthaliana (2005- ; since 2020 co-editor-in-chief)

Member of the Menasseh ben Israel Institute’s Commission for the History and Culture of Dutch Jewry (2013-)
Member of the Academic Board of the Orthodox Dutch Israelite Seminary (2012-)
Co-Secretary Dutch Association for Jewish Studies (2010-)

Committee of recommendation Stichting Struikelstenen Sliedrecht (2016-)
Committee of recommendation Stichting Joodse Huizen (2016-)

Curriculum Vitae

Born 1977, Amstelveen
1996-2002 Study History and Hebrew, Aramaic and Jewish Studies at University of Amsterdam
2002-2006 Ph.D. Student Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies, University of Amsterdam
2005-2010 Lecturer Jewish History, History Department, Catholic University Louvain
2006-2010 Associated Researcher, Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies, University of Amsterdam
2008-2010 Researcher for Exhibition on Postwar Dutch Jewry, Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam
2011-2013 Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam
2012 Lecturer Academic Studies, Department of Arabic, University of Amsterdam
2012-2019 Assistant Professor Jewish Studies, Department of Religious Studies, ETF Leuven
2013 Lecturer Judaism, Department of Religious Studies, University of Amsterdam
2013-2021 Researcher, assistant professor of political history and director of HDC Centre for Religious History, VU University Amsterdam
2016-2021 Lecturer Early modern/modern Jewish history, Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies, University of Amsterdam


Dorset Visiting Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Hilary Term 2015 (January-March)