Courses in the academic year 2020-2021

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

BA Amsterdam Jewish Culture, 6 ECTS (English)

BA Religiegeschiedenis, 6 ECTS (in Dutch, with prof dr Fred van Lieburg)

BA The Middle East in Modern History, 6 ECTS (English)

MA Defining Antisemitism(s), 6 ECTS (English)

MA The Arab-Israeli Conflict, 6 ECTS (English)

University of Amsterdam

BA Jodendom, 6 ECTS met prof dr Irene Zwiep en prof dr Jan Willem van Henten

BA Cultuur en Maatschappij in het Moderne Midden-Oosten, 6 ECTS, met dr Mariwan Kanie

BA Zion: Religion and Politics in Judaism, 6 ECTS, in English (more information)

BA Sharia and Halakhah and the Modernization of Religious Law, 6 ECTS, in English, with dr Maaike Voorhoeve

BA Middle Eastern Anthropologies: Heroes and Villains, 6 ECTS, in English (more information)

BA De wereld van de mens: werkgroep Midden-Oostenstudies, 6 ECTS

BA De wereld in delen: werkgroep Midden-Oostenstudies, 6 ECTS

BA Wetenschapsfilosofie: Nationale identiteit, grenzen, territorialiteit, 6 ECTS

MA A History of Modern Israel, 6 ECTS, in English

MA Doing Jewish Studies: Issues, Controversies, Models and Theories, 12 ECTS, in English (with dr Yaniv Hagbi)

MA International Winter School in Jewish Studies (organized in collaboration with King’s College London and Open University of Israel)

Almost all courses are open for students of other faculties and other universities; and for ‘extranei’ (non-students wishing to follow the course without examination).

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